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Hello Everybody! I apologize my posts are running behind this week. I have been having problems with a new plugin for my wordpress. This was supposed to be posted yesterday. Everyone in my family is a die hard Beatles fan. My parents love them, I grew up loving them, and my sister did as well. John Lennon is one of my idols. He was such an amazing person. His music influenced so many people, and still does till this day. Yesterday John would have celebrated his 72nd birthday. Every year my family has a little dedication to him on his bday. So, this year I wanted to do something a little different and decided to make a craft. Over the door in the house John and Yoko shared near Ascot, Tittenhurst Park are the words “This is not here.” It appears in the music video for John’s song “Imagine.” Although it’s been said that the quote had come from Yoko( she had an art show on John’s birthday one year with the same title), I like to think that it could also be some reference to the artist Magritte’s work “Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe.”  Whatever the meaning behind it, it has always spoken to me. And so I decided it would be cool to make a pillow with these awesome words on it.

This craft is really pretty simple. I found a tutorial on how to make an easy envelope style pillow cover from Six Sister’s Stuff. You can find the tutorial Here. You are going to want to add the words before you make up your cover. So the first thing you want to do is cut your fabric piece and mark off the front of the pillow so you know where to place your letters. I did this by folding my fabric pattern pillow piece in half and then in half again, marking the sides. You should have a middle area marked off that is a little bigger than the length of your pillow. /to make the letters you can print out large letters from a font you like. Trace the letters on the sheet of felt that you have chosen for your words and cut out the letters. I used Steam a Seam to stick the letters to the pillow fabric. It’s really easy, you just peel off the top sheet, stick your letters to it and cut them out. You can then place your letters onto your pillow front and iron down(be careful to setr your iron to the proper setting for felt, I forgot and melted my “N”). Once your letters are ironed on well to the pillow front, you can carefully machine stitch around the letters. Once your letters are stitched down, you are ready to sew your pillow. Take the ends of your pillow fabric and bring up to the middle overlapping by about an inch. Make sure your fabric is inside out when sewing the side seams. Turn right side out, and insert your pillow. And you are done! Easy right. Be sure to check out the tutorial above for more detailed instructions. And please excuse the quality of the photos, I had to use my phone for this one as my camera is dead at the moment.

I really love how this pillowcase turned out. The felt is cute and easy to sew with, and it is really inexpensive! You could do any quote or saying you like. It is so versatile! I just love it, and I know I’ll be making many more soon! So Happy Birthday John! This one’s for you darlin’!

Happy Crafting!


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  1. haha. I love so hard when I saw this. This should make it into my next “10 things I love” post. I wanted to do a “this (…) is not” themed post anyway :)