DIY Vintage China Bracelet Holder

Today I have a really sweet and easy DIY for you, vintage china bracelet holders. This is a great little tool to organize your bracelets and keep them tidy instead of thrown in a box or basket. You can buy vintage china plates at the flea market or thrift store for as low as fifty cents a plate.

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Plate

*Wooden dowel

*Drawer Knob


*Drill bit the same size as your knob bolt end

*China drill bit


*Ruler and pencil

*Woodscrew and rubber washer

*Glue( I used e6000)

*Paint and Paintbrush

 Step 1: Measure and Cut Plate- Measure the center of your plate and mark an “X” as a guideline. Very carefully drill a hole through the center of the plate with your ceramic bit. Make sure the drill bit is nice and sharp.

Step 2: Cut Dowel and Assemble- Measure how tall you would like your holder to be. Then mark the measurement on the dowel and cut with a handsaw or power saw. Sand any rough edges. Mark the center of your dowel and drill a hole large enough for your knob to fit into. Drill a pilot hole on the bottom center of the dowel for your wood screw. Insert the wood screw with rubber washer on it through the underside of the plate and screw on the bottom of the dowel. Be careful not to tighten too much, the plate could crack.

Step 3: Paint- Tape off the bottom of the plate where the dowel meets the plate. Paint a couple of layers of craft paint on the dowel. Let dry.

Step 4: Glue- Put a liberal amount of glue on the knob’s bolt and insert into the center hole on the top of the dowel. Wipe off excess glue. And that’s it, easy right!

I love my little holder! It is going to have a nice home on my vanity. This project cost me less than $10 to make. I splurged on a knob from Anthropologie, but you could easily find a cheaper knob to use at the flea market, or even your local hardware store and cut the cost in half. These would be great gifts for your favorite gals! And they are so economical, fast and easy to make! What’s not to love?! Hope you all enjoy!

Happy Crafting!


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