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I Heart Etsy Fridays- Sweet Poppy Cat

Today I am very excited to share with you one of my new favorite shops on Etsy, Sweet Poppy Cat. Amanda Katzenmeyer is the wonderful artist behind the shop who creates amazing plush monsters, cats, and dogs all from recycled wool and cashmere sweaters. She resides in West Lin , Oregon with her hubby and three adorable cats. I love that her shop is named after her cat Poppy! Glad to know I’m not the only cat lady with a shop inspired by an awesome kitty. I think that recycling sweaters for “fabric” is so cool, and they look so darn soft and cute! I love the personality each plush has! Their faces are just so fantastic! The colors and textures are amazing too! I have to say the kitties are totally up my alley, especially the ones with teeth! They are all so adorable! Here are just a few of my favorites:

Aren’t they all just fabulous! I adore them all! To see more of Amanda’s work visit her shop Sweet Poppy Cat on Etsy Here. Amanda also creates little ceramic sculptures that you can see at her other Etsy shop Amanda Katzenmeyer Here. Also be sure to check out her facebook page Here.

Happy Shopping!


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DIY Cheap and Chic Polka Dot Lamp

Today I have an awesome DIY for you! I am going to show you how to turn an ugly thrift store lamp into an adorable polka dot lamp you’ll enjoy for years to come. I love lamps! However, I don’t have too many of them around my home because the ones I like are always out of my budget. I was at my favorite thrift store the other day, and they had a table full of ugly brass lamps. I am not a fan of brass lamps, but I did like the shapes that they had, and decided to try to spiff one up. I decided to polka dot mine, but you could make it even easier and spray paint the lamp a solid fabulous color. Or you could experiment with stripes or even other shapes like stars or hearts. So fun!

Here’s What You Need:

*Thrift Store Lamp( I picked up this one for $8)

*Spray paint (2 different colors)

*Painters tape

*Contact Paper and a round punch or stickers of your choice. I like contact paper because it is not as sticky and I don’t have to worry about it pulling up my paint

Please forgive the lack of pictures. I somehow lost all but a couple….

Step 1: Tape- Tape off the light bulb socket area and cord with your painters tape.

Step 2: Paint under color- In a well ventilated area spray paint your lamp in the color you wish to be the color of your dots. I used white because I wanted white polka dots. It is best to spray a few really light coats so you don’t get drips. Let dry completely.

Step 3: Add dots- I used contact paper and a round one inch paper punch to punch out dot stickers for my lamp. Peel the backing off of your contact stickers or other stickers and carefully smooth them out onto your lamp in a pattern you like. If you have stickers that don’t stick down all the way you can always touch up areas later with craft paint and a brush. A few of my dots were more like ovals and therefore needed touch up.

Step 4: Paint overcoat- Again in a well ventilated area spray your stickered lamp with the color you choose for your top coat. I picked a sweet coral. Spray a few light coats until you are happy with the coverage.

Step 5: Remove Stickers- While the paint is still a bit wet, carefully peel off your stickers revealing your dots. Let lamp dry completely, and then touch up any areas you may need. The smoother the surface, the better the shape will come out. My lamp had quite a few ridges and dips in the design, so I had a few dots to touch up. And you are finished, pretty easy right!

I really love how this lamp turned out! I really like the color, and the size of the polka dots. It’s bold and sweet at the same time. I found some paper flowers in the dollar section of Michael’s that matched my paint, so I hot glued them to a plain white lampshade. I ended up with a great looking lamp and the total cost with the shade was less than $30. This is a really fun and easy project, and it can be customized in so many ways! So next time you are at the thrift store, pick up that old ugly lamp and make a fantastic piece for your home!

Happy Crafting!

11 Years

Nothin Can Change This Love

Miu miu

Kate spade jewelry

White gold earrings
$36 –

Stella mccartney
$260 –

Eleven years ago yesterday my husband and I had our first date. We were so young back then, just out of highschool, but right from the start we knew we were something special. My husband is seriously the best, and I love him to bits! Always have , always will! Since we’ve been married for a while now we don’t really count our dating anniversary as our anniversary, but we do like to go out on a date to celebrate the years we’ve spent together. So, if I could pick a perfect date night ensemble it would have to be this one! This set is inspired by one of my favorite date night songs, one of our songs; “Nothin’ Can Change This Love” by the great Sam Cooke. Any night could be a date night with Sam! If you have never heard the song look him up on ITunes. He’s just lovely!

DIY Yarn Wrapped Fall Wreath

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The weather is gorgeous! It’s the time of year where I break out all my sweaters and scarves, and get to wear boots again. Fall is so cozy! I never really decorate for fall. I get so excited about Halloween that I usually skip early fall and then after Halloween I start making things for the holidays. But this year I decided I had to do something fallish and make a wreath for the front door. I fell in love with a skein of yarn at the craft store a while back, and just knew it would be perfect for a yarn wreath. I also got to use my ceramic owls that I picked up from the thrift store last year. It was a lot of fun to make!

Here’s What You Need:

*Yarn 1 skein

*Straw Wreath from the craft store



*Hot Glue


*Modge Podge


*Fake Birds or Owls


 Step 1: Wrap Wreath- Tie the end of your yarn around your wreath snugly. Then start to wrap. Keep an even tension on the yarn as you go. Keep slidding wrapped yarn bunching it up together to keep it nice and thick. You don’t want to be able to see the straw underneath. I did not remove the plastic from the straw wreath. I believe this is probably easier than removing it and having to deal with bits of straw sticking to the yarn as you go. Wrap the yarn snugly all the way around the wreath, then when you are happy with it, cut the yarn off from the skein leaving room for tying. Make a nice tight knot and clip off the excess yarn. Now you have a perfectly wrapped wreath form.

Step 2: Add Felt Flowers and branch- Follow my tutorial for felt flowers here. You can use a plain branch from the yard, or you can glitter your branch by painting a thin layer of modge podge to your branch and pouring glitter over it. Once you have your branch to your liking trim it down to size and hot glue it inside your wreath opening. Next, glue your birds or owls to the branch using a generous amount of glue. Once your birds and branch are set, lay your wreath down on your table and lay out your felt flowers. Once you have a design you like, glue them all down one at a time with hot glue.

Step 3: Hang- Take a generous amount of ribbon, loop it through the top of your wreath and tie a bow above, leaving about 5-8″ between the top of the wreath and the bow. Snip off the ends of your ribbon where you like it. Hang and enjoy!

This wreath was a bit time-consuming, but really pretty easy. And I love how it turned out! My favorite thing about it is that my owls are double-sided, so when I pass by the front door, which has little windows, they are looking in at you. It’s really cute at night too! All in all not too shabby for my first fall craft. I hope you all enjoy this simple and fun DIY! And if you make a yarn wreath yourself share it with me on facebook. I’d love to see your creations!

Happy Crafting!

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Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- September 24th

This week I have some very special vintage finds for you all themed around one of my favorite musicals from the 1950’s, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I love everything about this musical from the awesome musical numbers to the wardrobe and the adorable characters! Jane Russell is just fabulous in this film, as is Marilyn Monroe. For such a smart gal, she always ended up with the sexy dumb blonde roles. And even though I just adored her in Some Like it Hot and How to Marry a Millionaire, Marilyn’s role as money obsessed blonde bombshell, Loreli Lee is one of my all time favorites! She’s only matched by Jane Russell’s character Dorothy Shaw, the money loathing loyal best friend who is just brimming with wit and sarcasm. If you have never seen this movie, go out and rent it! You’ll be glad you did!

So here are some of my favorite Gentlemen Prefer Blonde’s themed finds from Etsy this week:

Check out this cute 1950’s “Boats” Little Golden Book from Hipp Antiques Here

Check out this sweet Tennis Racket Brooch from Jess James Jake Here 

Check out this awesome Vintage 1950’s Charcoal Gray Champ Felt Fedora from Hoof and Antler Here

Check out this lovely French Vintage 1950’s Fashion Magazine – Le Petit Echo de la Mode ‘Spring Fashion Special’ from Chic Et Choc Here

Check out this cool Vintage Crystar Mini Spy Camera from Ruggy Design Here

Check out this gorgeous Vintage Diamond Tiara Princess Crown from Vintage Squalor Here

Check out this amazing Very Rare Godden Modell Glamorous COUTURE 1950s Bombshell Draped Ruched One Shoulder Train Evening Gown from Posh Porscha Here

Check out this adorable Vintage Father Mug House of Goebel by Audrey Walters from Wool Trousers Here

Check out this fantastic 50s Porcelain Pig Figurine from Bijou Vintage Bazaar Here

Check out this fabulous vintage tape/radio recorder from Country Rust Here

Check out this lovely 1950’s Tea Length Vintage Wedding Dress from The Vintage Mistress Here

Check out this awesome Vintage 1950 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Record Album from Jaanas Vintage Here

Don’t you just love them all! I especially love the little spy camera and the pig is fabulous as well! I hope you all enjoy browsing these fantastic Etsy vintage shops! And if you haven’t already seen it, go out and rent Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! It’s truly fabulous!

Happy Shopping!


I Heart Etsy Fridays- Khara Ledonne

Today I am thrilled to share with you all the work of one of my favorite Etsy artists, Khara Ledonne. Khara creates fantastic little paintings in vintage brass ball lockets in her little studio in Brooklyn. I absolutely adore her work! It amazes me how she is able to paint such beautiful paintings on such a small scale. These little lockets are about the size of a dime, and she paints the inside with oil and enamel paint, creating beautiful and durable miniature works of art. Khara says she thinks of her lockets as tiny, portable escapes to carry around through the workaday. I love the whimsical little scenes inside each piece! You can choose one of her amazing designs, or work with her to create a custom one of a kind piece. Every single one of Khara’s lockets are just adorable, so here are just a few of my favorites:

Don’t you just love them all! I think my absolute favorite may be the one with the birds, but I also really love the ship, and the fly me to the moon reminds me of Frank Sinatra. They are so fabulous! To see more of Khara’s work visit her shop on Etsy Here , and check out her new line for the fellas at her shop Steel Man Jewels Here

Happy Shopping!

DIY Vintage Button Magnets

Today I have a super easy and sweet DIY project for you to dress up your fridge or magnet board, vintage button magnets! These fun magnets could not be simpler to make, all you need is some E6000 and some little round magnet backs from the craft store. Then you can just glue the magnets to buttons and let dry. You can use single buttons or stack a few together and glue. You could use buttons from your own stash, but I just adore vintage buttons, so I bought mine off of etsy from PillowTalkswf’s shop Here. The design possibilities are endless! I love how cute they look on my fabric covered magnetic board! These are so fast to make as well, you could make a whole batch in less than half an hour, and they’d make sweet little gifts or stocking stuffers for the holidays! Overall a fun craft for a rainy day!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

The Wonderful World of Pinterest- September

One of my favorite things on the internet these days is Pinterest! I love how I am able to find amazing things and connect with people who share my style and interests! I see and have discovered so many blogs and shops from finding pins and following pinners who are like me that I know I never would have seen otherwise. It’s so cool! I am on Pinterest every day, it’s my nightly ritual as I go to sleep clutching my iphone. I only pin when I find something I really love, so my boards aren’t huge. But I like it that way. Here are some of my favorite pins for this month:

One of my newest boards is Printables. I love free printables, especially during the holidays. You can see more on my board Printables Here

 Just adore these prints!

Of course I had to have a product board! IT’s kinda like my wishlist. Visit my board Products I love Here to see more of my favorite goodies!

I love the fact that she has no arms, so cute!

Just when I thought junk robots couldn’t get any cuter, I found these!

One thing that I love about the home page on my pinterest is that there are always lots of tasty looking recipes. Here are some of my newest from my board Dinner Ideas. You can see more Here

I’m a total pasta addict!

zucchini, yum!

Of course you always have to have a nice dose of adorable animals to gawk over! You can see all kinds of precious babies on my board Pets and Animals Here

I’ll take two!

What a lovely lady!

This is so sweet!

Little birds are so adorable!

My home decor board is one of my favorites to pin to! I love design and decorating, and you can find some really amazing spaces on the web. You can see more decor on my For The Home Board Here

I wish this was my kitchen!

How awesome is this floor!

 I am head over heels for this wallpaper!

I love everything about this room!

I add vintage finds to my pinterest every week. Most of them you see on my monday vintage finds, but I do pin others as I come across them. Here are some of my latest vintage pins. You can see more on my Vintage Finds I Love board Here

My favorite kind of glasses are glasses that come in a carrier!

My favorite and most popular board is my DIY project board. I find so many inspiring projects on Pinterest! Here are some of my newest pins from my board DIY Ideas I love. You can see more Here

I love this sweet little tote!

I absolutely love these!

Oh don’t you just love Pinterest! I hope you all enjoyed looking at my favorite pins from September! I’ll be back again next month with bunches of more fantastic things! Until then you can find me and the rest of my boards on Pinterest here.

Happy Pinning!


DIY Sweet and Chic Framed Magnetic Board

Today I have a fabulous DIY project for you to spiffy up your office or entryway! I’m going to show you how to make this sweet diy framed magnetic board. This project is really quite easy and fun. Overall a fantastic weekend project! I love how customizable it is! You can change the look with different style frames and fabrics. Of course I went for a sweet vintage look since this board is going to go in my sewing room.

Here’s What You Need:


*Paint for frame (optional) I used chalk paint and wax

*Plywood or MDF

*Liquid Nails or industrial glue

*Duct Metal(galvanized sheet metal) from the hvac department at the hardware store

*Metal Snips


*Hot glue

*Framing offset clips or silicone caulk to fasten board in frame


 Step 1: Make back board- Measure the inside of your frame and cut your board to size with a circular saw. If you don’t have power tools, you can have the board cut at the hardware store. Then trim the sheet metal to size using your metal snips. Put a really generous amount of glue or liquid nails on the front of the board and carefully lay out sheet metal onto the board. Press and smooth out as much as you can. You can use a rolling-pin to roll over the metal to make sure it’s good and flat. Let dry overnight.

Step 2: Cover your board- Lay your fabric out face down. Lay your board face down on top of your fabric and trim down if needed, making sure to leave a couple of inches on all sides. Start gluing the fabric on one side. Glue a little at a time, stretching and smoothing as you go. Once your first side is done, start glueing the opposite side, pull and stretch and smooth out as you go, checking the front side periodically as you go. Then stretch and glue the top and bottom sides. If your board is thick enough, you can use a staple gun and staples instead of glue if you like. In the pictures my board is black. I had originally used magnetic paint on my board, but was not happy with it. It is expensive and you have to use several coats to make it magnetic enough to use magnets, which if you are using the spray paint like I did, you would need several cans. I know it does work because I’ve seen samples, but I personally like the sheet metal better, it’s less work, and cheaper.


Step 3: Put it all together- Lay your fabric covered board into your frame face down. Now, you can either run a bead of caulk around the back to set the board in, or you can use framing hardware. If using caulk, run a bead all the way around and then smooth out with your finger, let dry. If using framing offset clips, space them out evenly around the corners and sides and then screw down. You can now add your choice of hanger to the back. I used wire and wire hangers, but you could use whatever you like from the hardware store that is weight appropriate. And now you are ready to hang and enjoy!

I really love how my magnet board turned out! I used a frame from the flea market. I believe it is an old trim piece for a fancy fireplace. I painted it with chalk paint. No it’s not the kind you can write on, this chalk paint is a rich easy to use paint that comes in fabulous vintage colors! A lot of people use it to refinish antiques and wood pieces. You can paint just about anything with it with little or no prep. You use a wax to finish it, and it gives the piece a fantastic smooth silky finish. I love it! If you are in the Raleigh area you can find the paint at Studio 28 Here. My fabric was by lecien and I found it on etsy at Sew Deerly Loved Here. It’s such a sweet little print, and I love the vintage feel of it. One of my favorite things about my frame was that there was a spot that I was able to add a sweet ceramic bird to the top. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! I had a lot of fun making it! And I hope I’ve inspired some of you to go out and make one of your own! Be sure to tune in this Thursday for a DIY magnet project….

Happy Crafting!

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