DIY Sweet Vintage Doily Bunting

Today I have a fabulous and really simple craft for you all, doily buntings! These shabby buntings are great to decorate with! It’s a great use for your doily collection, and if you don’t already have your own, you can pick them up at the flea market or on Etsy for a dollar or less a piece sometimes. All you need are doilies, bias tape, thread, scissors, and a sewing machine. Let’s get crafty!

First take your doilies and fold them in half. Then, you are going to cut them up the middle where you folded so you have two identical halves.

Next you want to carefully sandwich the cut end of the doily into the bias tape, and stitch down the bias tape together carefully, checking that the doily is still sandwiched inside the tape at all times. You can leave a couple of inches in between doilies or sew them all right next to each other. I like both ways. And there you have it! Easy Peasy!

Buntings are one of my favorite things to decorate with. You can make them any length you wish. Short and small ones look great hanging on a fireplace mantle! I love to hang them over beds, or string them across a footboard. You can also make a bunch of these sweet little buntings for a wedding or party. There are so many ways you can use buntings. Anyone can put their own style into them, and that’s what makes them so fantastic!

Happy Crafting!


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