DIY Decorating with Vintage Hankies

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Anyone in my family can tell you, I am crazy for vintage hankies! I absolutely love them and use them in my decor all the time. I buy them different places, from etsy, the flea markets, antique malls, I just can’t get enough. I mostly use them in my designs for my shop Sweet Sophie Blue. I make necklaces and bear dresses out of them, and I embroider them for handbags. However, some of them I just are too fond of to cut up or give up, so I stash them away. One day when I have enough of them I am planning on making either a set of curtains for my kitchen sliding doors, or a duvet for my bed. I take them out and look through them all the time, but then they are back in a box, so I found a great solution to be able to use them and still be able to reuse them later on. This sweet hanky bunting couldn’t be easier! All you do is tie your hankies together and voila, you have a fantastic bunting to add to your decor. You could hang it over a bed, or a window, or carefully use a long bunch of them outside for a party or wedding! You can even layer them with other buntings. They are my favorite new thing, and I’m sure they’ll be popping up all over my house. This is just another one of many ways to use your vintage hankies. What do you do with yours? I’d love to know! Hope you all are having a lovely week!

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