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I Heart Etsy Fridays- Mount Royal Mint

Today I have a really cute Canadian Etsy shop to share with you today, Mount Royal Mint. Sabina, the artist behind the shop, creates beautiful little felt soft sculptures. I love the simple silhouettes of each little animal! I also love the detail and personality of each little face! They are whimsical little creatures, and I just adore them! Here are just a few of my favorites:

Aren’t they all just so cute! I think my favorite one is the  fox with the peg leg, so adorable! And of course I love the little kitty too, since I am a cat lady. To see more of Sabina’s work, check out her etsy shop, Mount Royal Mint Here. And you can follow on twitter as well Here. Happy friday everyone!

Happy Shopping!

Fashion Playlist- Eleanor

Recently we lost one of my absolute favorite chickens, Eleanor Blue, to a hawk. It was just a horrible experience, and we are all a little broken up about it around here. A little over a year ago I picked her out at the feed store, and immediately knew that she was an Eleanor. I named her after the song, Eleanor, by the Turtles, and sang it to her all the time when she was a chick. She was sweet, strong, and a total priss! She was obsessed with nesting, and I know she would have made an excellent mother if she had gotten the chance. But my favorite thing about Eleanor was that even though she was the smallest gal in the flock being a silkie bantam, she had the biggest heart and personality! I miss seeing her every day!

If you tune in to my blog, you know that every month I do a fashion and music mash up that I make into a “playlist.” I absolutely love music, and I absolutely love fashion design! So for me, even though it takes a lot of time, it’s a treat. I have a whole list of “playlists” to create and share, including one themed for Eleanors. I have been wanting to do this one for a while, and cannot think of a better time than now. It is an expression of love, and design, straight fom my heart for my best little gal. Ellie Bean, this one’s for you, love!



J Crew knit top

Sia Dimitriadi full skirt

Houndstooth handbag

Chain jewelry

House of Harlow 1960 black jewelry
$155 –

Block hat


Short dress

High heels

Dolce Gabbana quilted handbag
$820 –

Flagship Eleanor

Slimming top

Flat heels

Shoulder bag

Nickel free jewelry

River Island heart jewelry
$4.74 –

Genuine leather belt

Eleanor Put Your Boots Back On

Wool sweater

Lee short shorts
$62 –

Leather handbag

Brass jewelry

Gucci jewelry
$140 –

Gold jewelry

Floppy hat

Eleanor Rigby

Striped tee

Madewell shoes

Tote handbag

Chain jewelry

Rose jewelry

Mulberry blue hat

Miso feather hair accessory
$3.16 –


Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- August 27th

This week we’ve gone “to the birds” quite literally in fact. Todays finds are all themed around birds. It’s no secret, I have a small obsession with birds, especially vintage blue birds and sparrows. So I just had to share these awesome goodies I found on Etsy this week! Here are just some of my favorites:

Check out this Fabulous 1950’s Yellow Bird Print Dress from Stutterin’ Mama Here

Check out this cool  1950’s Happy Birthday Pin With A Dainty Yellow Bird from Magpie Mary Here

Check out this fantastic Rare LEFTON Bluebird Child’s Cup/Mug from the 1946 -1950’s from Rosy Folsom Here

Check out this awesome Vintage 1950s Large Alphabet Classroom Flash Card – N -Nest from Painted Pony 99 Here

Check out this fantastic Birdie Salt and Pepper Shakers from Old Green Canoe Here

Check out this lovely Tin Toy Tea cups, Sweetheart Set of 5 with birds & hearts from Olde Tyme Notions Here

Check out this adorable Vintage 1950s Gibson Anniversary Greeting Card from Nostalgia Vintage 2 Here

Check out these fun Vintage Kitschy Ceramic Egg Cups from Up Home Here

Check out these sweet  Vintage set of 40 blue bird recipe cards from Current, Inc from Codman Point Here

Check out this lovely Vintage locket necklace Folk bird and tree cameo from Refuge Heart Here

Check out this beautiful  Vintage Takitu Co Occupied Japan Hand Painted Porcelain Cabbage Rose Bluebird Gilt Edged Small Pitcher from Riksride Here

Check out this adorable Vintage Yellow Bird Soap Dish from The American Homemaker Here

Aren’t they all just so cute! I love them all obviously, but I do believe my favorite is the lefton bluebird  cup, so cute! I hope you enjoy browsing these awesome vintage Etsy shops as much as I did!

Happy Shopping!


I Heart Etsy Fridays- Mama’s Little Babies

Today I would love to share this awesome Etsy shop, Mama’s Little Babies with you all! Cheri, the owner and artist behind the shop, creates amazing Victorian inspired graphic plastic jewelry from vintage images. I love how they are so dainty and pretty, but also so cool and funky at the same time. The thing I love the most though is how whimsical the designs are! Who wouldn’t want a pair of black and white Victorian kitty hairpins! I just adore everything in Mama’s Little Babies Shop! Here are just a few of my favorites:

Aren’t they all just lovely! I just can’t pick a favorite, they are all so cool! To see more of this awesome jewelry check out Mama’s Little Babies on Etsy Here. You can also follow on Facebook, and Twitter.

Happy Shopping!

DIY Painted Silverware


Looking for an inexpensive gift, or a way to add a little color to your table? These DIY painted spoons are for you! They are really easy to make, and you can find silverware at the thrift store or Home Goods for a really decent price. All you do is cover the top of the silverware with painters tape, then spray paint your handles, and add a final coat of food grade shellac. So easy! It’s a really fun craft! And they are super fast to make! I picked up these cheepies at walmart to paint and add to my picnic set. I used my three favorite colors, but you could use any color or combo of colors you like. These would be fun for holiday parties as well! I’m looking forward to using mine!

Happy Crafting!

DIY Vintage Vinyl Card Holders

Today I have a super simple and fun DIY for you, vinyl card holders. These little pouches can hold business cards, gift cards, or rewards cards. I use mine as a cute little extra to hold a few business cards. I add one to every order I get from my shop. I like to use pages from vintage magazines for my card holders, but you could use scrapbook paper or even fabric if you wanted to.

Here’s What You Need:

*Iron On Vinyl

*Magazines, paper, etc.



*Sewing machine and bright thread.

Step 1: Measure and cut- Measure how large you want your card holders to be using a business card or reward card as a guide. I made mine to be 3×4″. Then Cut your paper to size. You’ll need two pieces for each holder, a front and a back.

Step 2: Iron on Vinyl- Press and smooth out your papers onto the sticky side of your iron on vinyl, then cut out around the edges. Lay the pieces vinyl side up on your ironing board. Cover the pieces with the protective backing paper that came on your vinyl. Iron and press for 8 seconds on the front per piece. Then flip the piece over and iron the paper side for 4 seconds.

Step 3: Sew- Place your front and back pieces together vinyl sides out, matching up your lines. Carefully sew a zigzag stitch around the side bottom and other side of your holders. Trim threads. And you’re finished! Easy and Fun right!

I love to make these for my business, but I also think they’d be fantastic gift card holders for the holidays! I just need to find a holiday mag that I would be ok cutting up. Iron on vinyl is really fun and versatile to use! You can make all kinds of pouches, coasters, and covers with it. I hope you all enjoyed my little tutorial! Until next time….

Happy Crafting!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- August 20th

As some of you already know I am head over heels for vintage ceramic animals, particularly cats and dogs. I have quite a collection of cat decor, dog decor, and a growing collection of chicken items as well. So this week I thought I’d share some pet love with you! All of my finds this week are kitties and puppies. Oh the adorableness! I found so many items that were just so awesome. It was hard to narrow it down! Here are just a few of my favorites:

Check out these adorable 1940’s Tin Child’s Play Pitchers from Olde Tyme Notions Here

Check out this lovely  vintage 1958 Holt-Howard Japan Cozy Kitten cat Letter Envelope & Pen Holder from Dirty Birdies Vintage Here

Check out these cute Vintage Cat and Dog Children’s Books from Dig Vintage Shop Here

Check out this adorable Vintage Scottie Dog Pin Cushion from Primitive Pincushion Here 

Check out this lovely  Vera Neuman Scarf Raining Cats and Dogs from Diny’s Attic Here

Check out this cute Vintage Dog decanter from Two Sparrow Studio Here

Check out this amazing Modernist Walter Bosse Brass Cat Figurine from Specimen Interiors Here

Check out this  Fantastic Fifties Feline Tammis Keefe Tea Towel from Carmen and Ginger Here

Check out this awesome Vintage Mid Century Modern Wood Cat Pen or Pencil Holder from House of Seance Here

Check out this lovely Vintage Dog Towel from Neato Keen Here

Check out this cute little set of  spaghetti Poodles from Kiss a Vintage Design Here

Check out these cute Vintage Long Cat and Dog Salt and Pepper Shakers from Nevermore Vintage Here

Check out this sweet Vintage 1950s Hound Dog Dresser Caddy from The Fur Kids Store Here

Check out this cute Vintage 1950s Gibson Missing You Greeting Card from Nostalgia Vintage 2 Here

Check out this fabulous Vintage 1950s Mohair Pompous Poodle from Elan Solete Here

Check out these fantastic Scottie Dog Buttons from Merletto Here 

Aren’t they all super cute! I think my favorite is the brass kitty, it reminds me of my kitty Roux! And that doggie tea towel is just so adorable! I hope you all enjoy perusing these fantastic Etsy Vintage shops as much as I do!

Happy Shopping!


DIY Very Vintage Vinyl Book Covers

 Today’s craft I made for my sister. She’s an avid reader, and wants to be a writer someday. Her room is just overflowing with books, most of them paperbacks. So, I thought I would try my hand and make a book cover for one of her coolest paperback books. It’s an adorable french cookbook made for children. So now she can use this book in the kitchen and at least not get the cover dirty. This is a pretty simple craft, and can be pretty inexpensive as well. I have a bunch of vintage magazines that I’ve been collecting for a while now for crafting. You can find them at thrift stores, antique markets, and the local flea market. And, if they aren’t in fantastic condition, sometimes you can purchase them for as low as a dollar a piece. So tear out your favorite advertisements, and let’s get to work!

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Magazine Ads/ Pages

*Iron On Vinyl

*Sewing Machine

* Bright Thread


*Ruler and Pencil


Step 1: Get measurements and cut- Measure book dimensions including depth of the spine (for example 6x9x1) then add 1/2 inch for ease and seam allowance to each side. Also add an extra 1/2 or so for ease to the width of the book measurement. For the width take 1/2 of the spine measurement and add to both front and back width dimensions. A book width is 6″, so 6.5 with spine, then an extra inch for side seam allowance and ease, so it would end up being 7.5×10 for the front and back covers. You are also going to have the pocket flap on each side, so that measurement would be the length of the book cover (10) by the width of the inside pocket the cover will slip into. I used a 3″ wide flap, so with seam allowance it was 3.5″ wide. Find the ads you want to use and cut down to the dimensions you came up with for your book. You should have four pieces, a front, back, and two inside flap pockets.

Step 2: Layout Vinyl- You can do this one of two ways. You can cut out the vinyl and then peel the backing off and attach paper, or you can peel off the backing, attach the paper, and then cut it out. I used the second method, and it worked fine for me. So you want to work at a clean area. Carefully peel back the protective paper from the vinyl about how long you need it. Lay the vinyl sticky side up on your table. Then carefully and slowly smooth on your front cover face down onto the vinyl. Then place the back cover right next to the front cover, overlapping just a hair, and smooth out. Then add your inside pieces to the vinyl. When everything is smooth and stuck down, cut the pieces out. Cut the front and back covers as one piece.

Step 3: Iron- One piece at a time lay a piece vinyl side facing up. Cover with the protective paper from the vinyl. Iron for 8 seconds on the front, the remove from paper, and iron the backside for 4 seconds. Repeat with remaining pieces.

Step 4: Sew- Line up side seams for cover and inside pieces vinyl sides out and stitch a 1/4″ seam allowance all the way around. And there you have it! Add your book, and enjoy!

This was a really fun craft to make! I think it is adorable! I just love vintage advertisements! You could use these covers for any book really, but I think it’s great for cookbooks. Or perhaps for the book you take to read on the beach. These would be cute gifts for the holidays to give your girlfriends with a really good book. Hope you all enjoy!

Happy Crafting!


Local Gems- From The Heart Antiques

One of the things I love the most about living so close to Raleigh is that we have an excellent Flea Market that’s open pretty much all year! There are always lots of wonderful things to see, but my favorite vendor at the market is From the Heart Antiques, owned by Molly Walker. Her booth is inside the commercial building, and it is the best! Everything she has is just precious! I get most of my hankies from her. Miss Molly’s booth is packed full with all kinds of amazing things. She always has the greatest vintage glasses, some of them still with the carriers, like the feather tumbler set I couldn’t resist. She has a fantastic selection of sour cream glasses too! I love the selection of little ceramic animals, salt and pepper shakers, and vintage knick knacks. There is also a great collection of Hardy Boy’s books, hats, a purse or two, vintage tin trays and canisters, glass pictures, kitchen gadgets, and sewing ephemera. And occasionally she gets some fantastic linens and tablecloths. I love that there is always something new to see!


 In my family we have a little flea market routine just about every weekend. We go for the hubby to get boiled peanuts, for Beau to get some socialization, and for me to go see Miss Molly’s booth. It’s our little flea market ritual. So, if you are ever in Raleigh be sure to stop by the Flea Market and visit Miss Molly’s booth in the commercial building. She’s there from 9am to 6pm Saturdays and Sundays. It’s not to be missed, one of my absolute favorite things here in Raleigh! You can get directions and flea market happenings at their website here. Miss Molly also has a booth in the Antiques at Gresham Lake, an antique mall on the other side of Raleigh. You can visit their website here.
Happy Shopping!

DIY Sweet Vintage Doily Bunting

Today I have a fabulous and really simple craft for you all, doily buntings! These shabby buntings are great to decorate with! It’s a great use for your doily collection, and if you don’t already have your own, you can pick them up at the flea market or on Etsy for a dollar or less a piece sometimes. All you need are doilies, bias tape, thread, scissors, and a sewing machine. Let’s get crafty!

First take your doilies and fold them in half. Then, you are going to cut them up the middle where you folded so you have two identical halves.

Next you want to carefully sandwich the cut end of the doily into the bias tape, and stitch down the bias tape together carefully, checking that the doily is still sandwiched inside the tape at all times. You can leave a couple of inches in between doilies or sew them all right next to each other. I like both ways. And there you have it! Easy Peasy!

Buntings are one of my favorite things to decorate with. You can make them any length you wish. Short and small ones look great hanging on a fireplace mantle! I love to hang them over beds, or string them across a footboard. You can also make a bunch of these sweet little buntings for a wedding or party. There are so many ways you can use buntings. Anyone can put their own style into them, and that’s what makes them so fantastic!

Happy Crafting!


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