Free Printable Shrinky Dink Tags and Pendants

Today I have a special freebie for you guys! I love to mess around in photoshop! The other day I decided I wanted to make some new shrinky dink tags for Beau’s collar for Beau and Roux’s corner (coming in august), and I decided to make a few with little saying on them while I was in photoshop mode. I have been wanting to do a free printable for a while now for all of my fabulous readers! So here’s my little gift to all of you to say thanks for being so awesome! I hope you enjoy them all!

Other than one small smudge I think they all turned out pretty cute! These were really easy to make! You can find shrinky dink paper for inkjet printers at Michaels. Just follow the instructions in the pack, they are nice and detailed for you, with tips. It’s really quite simple. You just print, cut out, bake, flatten if needed, and seal. You do have to lighten the picture by 50% before you print because they get a lot darker when you bake them. You can lighten them in a photo editing software like photoshop elements, or I think even picasa.

Here are the printables. Please note that I have not changed the opacity. These are full bright color for those of you who wish to use them for other things than shrinky dinks. If you are using them for shrinkies, you’ll need to lighten them by 50% to make them right for baking.

Fancy Pendants
Round Pendants
Tags pg.1
Tags pg.2

To save these files, just right click and open picture in a new tab, and then right click on the picture and “save as.” Feel free to use them as you like, please just no reselling of these sheets. Enjoy!

Happy Crafting!

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4 Responses

  1. i havent thought about shrinky dinks since i was 8! so cool to see they are still as charming and tiny as ever :)

  2. That is so cool! I can’t wait to try it . . . thank you! :)