My New Gals

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We have added four new chickens to our little backyard flock this year. They are all so cute and curious. Our Black Austrolorp, Betty is the most curious. We frequently find her looking in the french doors. The other day my mom opened them up to see what she would do, and she was able to get some really cute pictures of all four of the newbies! The big black one is Betty(black austrolorp), the reddish brown is Rosie(americauna), the blonde buff colored one is Nora( buff brahma), and the fuzzy black one is Maybelle(silkie). We think Maybelle may be a rooster, which in that case he would be Mayboch instead. They all were feeling a little curious and Nora even stepped her foot inside the door, but none of them ever made it past the doorway. And although I am glad they prefer their nest to ours, there’s really not anything else much cuter than looking over and seeing four curious, wide eyed little chickens starring in at you throught the door to the patio! Adorable!


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