DIY Fun and Chunky Chain Necklaces

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Today’s DIY is oh so simple and easy! In 15 minutes you can whip up a few of these necklaces yourself. I had bought some of these plastic link chain from Etsy a while back and have been holding on to it for a while trying to decide what I wanted to do with it. Then I was watching the news the other day and saw a woman wearing a necklace similar to these and immediately knew I wanted to make one myself.

All you need is some funky chunky plastic chain or links to make chain, some gold or silver chain in any finish and size you like, and some large thick jump rings. I bought my chain from Tomorrows Unknown on Etsy and there were links of several fab colors in my order.

First you want to assemble your plastic chain. If you have links, you just push the slits together and link one link to the next and so on. If you have closed curb chain, just cut your chain to the length you wish.

Next you will need to attach a jump ring and your metal chain to one end of your plastic chain. Wrap the chain around to where you like how it fits and drops from your neck, then cut the metal chain to length you need, and attach to the other end of the chain with a jump ring. My necklaces are long, but if you want a shorter necklace you would cut the metal chain in the middle and add a clasp. You can add a little dab of glue to where the jump ring meets the chain for extra security if you like. And that’s it, so so easy right!

I love how versatile these can be! If you have the colored links you could do solids or mix the colors, make a rainbow. I think these are great accessories for summer, they add a great splash of color to an ensemble! They would make lovely gifts for your girlfriends! And of course a few for you too!

Happy Crafting!

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3 Responses

  1. I absolutely love these necklaces! I may need to borrow this idea sometime. :)

  2. ireland

    love this will have to do sometime