DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Boxes

Today I have a super simple and fun DIY for you, rustic pallet wood boxes. They add a fun and green addition to your decor. I made a small one to use for holding pictures as well as 4×6 postcards for craft shows, but you could make them any size, depending how much pallet wood you happen to have. I only needed one board from a pallet for my little box. And the best part is that they are virtually free to make!

Here’s what you need:

*Pallet Wood



*Wood Glue

*Trim nailer and nails or hammer and small nails

*L Brackets and screws

Step 1: Measure and cut- Measure your pieces. My front and back pieces I made a bit bigger than my pictures so I made them 4.75″ long. Then I measured my box to be around 12″ long. Then measure your bottom. I mad the bottom 4.75″ wide, and then 12″ long minus the width of the pallet wood for the front and back, which was 1/2″ for each piece so minus an inch, which would make it 4.75″x11″. Cut all pieces with a hand saw, or power saw. I used a scrap piece of plywood for the bottom.

Step 2: Assemble the box- Sandwich the front and back pieces between the side pieces and nail all four sides together. Then, fit the bottom piece onto the bottom and run a bead of wood glue around all sides and smooth. Then nail a few nails in from the sides into the bottom piece of wood for added strength.

Step 3: Add Brackets- Screw in brackets in the middle of each side. Once the glue is dry in the bottom they are ready to use.

These boxes are so versatile! You could use them for pictures, napkins, mail, craft storage, toys, whatever floats your boat. It’s a really fast and easy craft! It took me and the hubby less that 20 minutes to make, and I think the end cost was around $3.50. Pretty cool, right! They are just so fun and easy, you could make a whole batch of them in just an afternoon. So grab a pallet and let’s get crafty!

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14 Responses

  1. This is great! I love the rustic look with the shiny brackets!

  2. Where do you find pallets?

  3. I LOVE this idea so so much! Going to try as soon as I can find some wood :)

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