DIY Patriotic Mini Bunting

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Today I have a super easy and fun DIY for you, a mini flag bunting. This cute little patriotic bunting is an easy decoration to make for your upcoming Independence Day parties or barbeques. And the best part is that this craft is not only fun and easy, but also really inexpensive!

Here’s what you need:

*Felt (I used printed felt I bought from I Love Felt 88 on Etsy Here)


*Twine or Yarn

*Glue (I used hot glue)

*Paper, ruler, and pencil

*Fabric marking pen

Step 1: Draw out your template- Using your ruler and pencil, measure and draw your template. I wanted my flags to be 1″x1 1/4″. Fold your paper in half, then measure down from the fold the length of the flag(1 1/4″) and draw a line, measure across the width of the flag(1″), then draw another line down to the length of the flag(1 1/4″). Draw a line across the bottom so you end up with a rectangular shape. Now, from the bottom measure up 1/2″, and draw a line. Then mark the center of the flag on that line(1/2″), and draw a line on each side from the middle to the bottom edges to make the ^ shape of the bottom of the flag. Cut out template and unfold.

Step 2: Mark flags- Using a tracing pencil or fabric marker, trace around the paper template and repeat until you have the number of flags you wish to use. Cut out flags with fabric scissors.

Step 3: Glue- Cut a piece of twine or yarn the length you wish. Leave a tail for hanging or tying, then put a little glue on one half of your flag, slide under twine, and then close other end and squeeze to glue sides together. Repeat with other flags until you have the length you wish.

This craft is so easy and economical, and you can decorate with it any time, for any occasion by just changing your felt colors. I love the versatility! And this would be a great craft to do with your kids. Make a long bunting to decorate your mantel, or make a little one and tie it to two skewers to decorate a cake or pie display. So grab your glue gun, and let’s get crafting!

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  1. We loved your craft so much that we tweeted about it!