DIY Pallet Art

Today I have a fun art craft for you all. Use old pallets to make a “canvas” that is both shabby chic and well, cheap! I stenciled a quote on mine, but you could use any subject matter you like. Getting the pallet apart was a bit tedious, but the stenciling was fast and easy. All in all a fun summer craft to make art for your outdoor spaces!

Here’s what you need:


*Reciprocating saw

*Circular Saw


*Wood Glue

*Brad Nailer

*Appropriate size nails



*Paint brush or stencil brush

Step 1:Cut the Pallet- You don’t necessarily need a bunch of power tools to get your pallet apart. You could get them apart with a hammer and a saw, but power tools sure do make it easier. We cut through the nails all around on the sides with the reciprocating saw, then cut the back up with the circular saw so you have your boards separated. With pliers pull off the back cut up pieces of your front boards. Then, hammer out the old rust nails.

Step 2: Put the Pallet pieces together -First, with the circular saw cut one of the back pieces you have lengthwise, then cut strips into smaller pieces for the back brace pieces. Lay out your pallet boards face down and pushed up together. Place a generous amount of glue to the brace strips and glue them down, one at the top, one at the bottom and two evenly spaced in the middle. Nail down the strips with the nailer, or hammer and nails. Let dry.

Step 3: Measure spacing- Place your stencils where you want them and the measure out and pencil in guidelines with a pencil and tsquare or ruler.

Step 4: Stencil- Line up stencils on the pencil line. Firmly hold down stencil, then dip brush in paint and brush paint carefully onto stencil. Stencil all your words letter by letter until finished. Let dry. And you’re done.

Pretty easy and fun right! And the best part is that it is super economical! I used the length of the pallet and didn’t cut it down, but you could cut the boards to any size you like. If you use outdoor paint you can use the pallet to decorate your outdoor space, or you could use regular acrylics and decorate your empty wall space. This one is going to have a home on my screened porch, or maybe my trellis. There are so many possibilities, so grab a pallet, and make your own one of a kind work of art!

Happy Crafting!

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8 Responses

  1. I love the quote you used…What a cute idea for a canvas!

  2. That is super cute! i love how rustic it is. So many possibilities. :) :)

  3. This is amazing! Love it! You should come link this up to the CSI Project. The challenge this week is wood. SO come on over. You just might win!!!!
    Each week is a new challenge so come over and have fun!

  4. I love this post.Thanks for sharing nice and important post with us. :)

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