DIY Stamped Silverware Garden Markers

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This DIY is really fun to make, and if you have a relative or friend with a workshop and plethora of tools to help you, it’s a breeze. Stamp your silverware to mark your herbs, veggies, or even stamp your names as a fun idea for garden art. Please note: I used a propane torch when making mine which you need to have a steady hand and use extreme caution as these burn super hot, and can really cause bad burns if you aren’t careful. This is not a kid safe craft, but if you are a careful adult capable of using a torch responsibly then craft on my friend!

Here is what you will need:

*Silverware (I got mine from the thrift store for $.25 a pop)

*Metal stamping set (mine is 1/4″)



*Propane Torch( use caution, these can cause major burns if not properly handled)

*Jar of water

*Buffing system, we used my hubby’s nifty electric buffing/grinding system (most dremel’s have some kind of buffer discs as well)

*Buffer compound for the system you have( if not sure, ask the guys at Home Depot, they’ll steer you right)

*A buddy- this job requires a helper to hold the hot spoon while you stamp.

Step 1: Flatten Silverware- Place your piece of silverware on the anvil and hammer them flat.  It helps to have the stamps spelled out and at the ready before you heat up the silverware.

Step 2: Heat up area to stamp- Carefully turn on blowtorch and heat up the part of the spoon you want to stamp. We clamped the end of the spoon in channel lock pliers to hold it tight and safe. Make sure you only handle silverware by the pliers handles after the silverware is hot.

Step 3: Stamp the silverware- Carefully place the hot spoon on the anvil and place stamp down on area you want to stamp. Tap firmly with the hammer a couple of taps, then remove the stamp and place the spoon into the water and release from the pliers. Leave the silverware in the water until it is cooled.

Step 4: Polish- Once your silverware is all stamped and cooled, dry them off. Apply buffing compound to your buffing wheel and polish your silverware. Be careful not to touch the section you are buffing as it will get very hot from friction. Place silverware back in the water to cool. Once cooled, dry, and then you are done. Pretty cool huh!

I made a set of these last year for my Dad for Christmas and he loves them! They will patina and distress a bit outside in the weather, but that just gives them a whole new antique look. You probably could seal them with a varnish to keep them shiny if you like. Hope you have fun making your own silverware markers! And remember to Be Careful with the torch!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. where would one get a metal stamp set?
    this is so fantastic & creative!

    • Thank you Lan! I bought my stamp sets on Etsy. The silverware was from the flea market and the thrift store, and the rest you can get at the hardware store. They are really fun to make!

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