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DIY Striped Neon Spoons

This weekend, I was at the store and happened upon a set of wooden spoons for under a dollar, and immediately knew I needed to take them home and paint them. I love the dip painted spoons i’ve seen on Pinterest, and have been wanting to try a striped version myself.  Even though I’m not big on trends, I picked up some neon paint just to try, and I have to say that I think the vivid colors give the spoons a tropical feel. These would be fantastic in solid stripes as well, or my favorite combination of red and aqua! These would make a great cheap hostess gift to take to your next barbecue or picnic, or could be great in a kitchen themed basket gift for a newlywed couple.

Here’s what you need:

*Wooden Spoons


*Masking or Painters Tape

*Paint Brush

*Food grade Shellac

Step 1: Tape your spoons- Wrap tape around the spoon. You can measure even spaces between tapes, or vary them. I varied the widths to give them more of a funky design, but if I was going to stripe solids I’d probably keep my spacing even.

Step 2- Paint your spoons- paint the areas you’ve masked off for your stripes. Remove tape while paint is still wet if you can. It will help give you a cleaner line. Acrylic paint dries fast, so sometimes you can’t get to it fast enough, but most of the time it will turn out just fine either way. Once the paint is dry coat with the food grade shellac, most hardware stores carry the rustoleum brand with the spray paint.

And there you have it. Easy, right!?! This craft can be done in about an hour and is a lot of fun to do. Enjoy!


Pin of the Week May 30th

I so want one of these! This is one of the most fabulous things i’ve seen in a while. I found this awesome boat couch on Pinterest here:  I love hanging beds and couches,  and would love to have one on my back porch if it was big enough. Maybe one day, but until then i’ll just have to keep pinning them for inspiration…

DIY Mod Wooden Bead Necklace

 This DIY project is easy peasey and a great project for summer to do with friends, or even your kids. You could use any colors you like, and string them on pretty ribbon or chain. There are so many options, and they are really quite fun to make.

Here’s what you need:

*wooden beads in any size you like

*making tape or cheap washi tape

*acrylic craft paint

*modge podge


*paint brush

*ribbon or chain

Step 1: Cut tape- tear off strips of tape long enough to go around the bead once then cut the tape in half lengthwise to end up with two strips of tape long enough to go around the beads.

Step 2: Apply tape strips to beads- Wrap the cut tape strips around each bead and press down tightly or the paint can seep in under the tape. You can wrap tape around the bead any way you like. I wrapped mine around the very middle horizontally and around vertically covering the top and bottom holes.

Step 3: Paint beads- Paint the beads in any color you like. You can paint them all solid, or paint the top half one color and the bottom half another. I liked to mix mine. Carefully remove the tape while the paint is still a bit wet if you can as it makes a better line and sometimes the paint can come off a bit with the tape.

Step 4: Apply sealer and string- Apply a layer of Modge Podge to the beads to protect them. When the modge podge dries then you can string them on ribbon and tie, or string them on some skinny chain and finish off with a clasp.

And there you have it, a simple DIY necklace to accompany your summer wardrobe!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- Memorial Day

This weeks finds are dedicated to Memorial Day, the good ole’ USA, and the brave men and women who serve our country. Memorial Day for me means backyard barbeques, hanging out with your family and friends, and sporting the colors of our flag. Here are some of my patriotic favorites:

50’s Navy Blue Wool Felt Hat with Red/Blue Ribbon & Face Net

Visit Lady Go Lightly’s Shop here:

Vintage 50s 60s Stiletto Heels 4 inch Shoes – 4th of July Patriotic Pumps

Visit Decadence Past’s Shop here:

1950s Earrings with Patriotic Colors

Visit Jewel Boy’s Shop here:

Vintage Rhinestone Brooch Old Patriotic Colors

Visit Jewels From The Past’s Shop here:

Red, White and Blue Dotted Patriotic Scarf Italy

Visit Up 4 Grabs Shop here:

SALE 25% OFF 1950s Vintage Dress…OLD Sweet Song Summer Fashion Red White Blue Patriotic Cotton Sun Dress with Full Skirt Size Medium

Visit Stutterin’ Mama’s Shop here:

Red Checked pitcher, 4 tumblers and ice bucket

Visit Junkin Jane’s Shop here:

Vintage Uncle Sam Hat Bicentennial Hiball Drinking Glasses Set of 6 Memorial Day Independance Day Election Red White & Blue

Visit Retro ReRun’s Shop here:

Vintage Giant Mid Century Red Metal Serving Tray – Memorial Day Barbeque

Visit Gypsy Folk’s Shop here:

Memorial Day Sale This Weekend Only Queen Anne Nautical Nightstand

Visit All Things Work 2gether’s Shop here:

I love them all, but I do believe the dresser is my favorite! Hope you all enjoy looking through these fab shops! Hope you’ve all had a spectacular Memorial Day!

Happy Shopping!

I Heart Etsy Fridays- Mochikaka

This weeks featured Etsy shop comes all the way to us from Thailand. Mochikaka has two of my absolute favorite things in the world, cats and cute sewn stuff. Mochikaka is an illustrator and character developer and she loves cats and handmade, my kinda gal. She makes cute plushies, pins, key holders, and earbud holders all to look like adorable animal friends. Love them all! Here are a few of my favorites:

Aren’t they precious! My favorite is the gingham kitty key holder! To see more of Mochikaka’s work, visit her store on Etsy: and visit her blog:

Happy Shopping!

New Custom Embroidered Necklaces Coming to the Shop This Week

I’m very excited to be adding some more styles to my custom initial embroidered line of vintage fabric necklaces to my Etsy shop, Sweet Sophie Blue’s this week! Now you can get up to three lower case initials on a necklace, as well as a sweetheart design, custom date, and my personal favorite; custom birthstone colored embroidered heart necklaces. Check em’ out:

These custom heart necklaces are my new favorite thing. Each heart color represents a “birthstone” for the month of a loved one’s birth. The aqua one I made for my Mother-in-law for Mother’s day this year. Each heart represented one of her children. My husband is october with the opaly blue, my brother in law is amethyst for feburary, and my sister in laws are yellow for november, and deep red for january. You can customize any number of hearts for your loved ones. Get one to celebrate your kids, you and your spouse, sisters, mother and daughters, I did one for myself with my pets birth hearts. That one was covered in hearts!

You can now get up to three lower case letters on a custom embroidered initial necklace. Get your own monogram, or you and your bff.

Custom date necklaces to celebrate a special occasion are so sweet!

Custom Initial Embroidered Necklaces with little hearts!

Customize a Sweetheart Necklace to wear a little piece of your love with you throughout the day!

All of these lovely necklaces are being added this week to my Etsy shop, Sweet Sophie Blue. Check them out on Etsy here:

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- May 21st

This past weekend we took our four baby chickens to go live with the rest of our girls in the chicken house as they have outgrown their brooder. I’ll be posting pics soon of all our gals. So, this week, I was inspired to find vintage goodies that all are chicken themed, and boy did I find some gems! Here are some of my favorites:

Set of 4 Colorful Vintage Made in Japan Egg Cups

Visit Nevermore Primitives’ Shop here:

Vintage Holt Howard Chick Shaker – 1950’s Kitsch

Visit Up Home’s Shop here:

1.5Y Vintage Childrens Fabric Rainbows, Balloons, Clouds, Moons, and Stars w/Selvages

Visit Vintage Lizard’s Shop here:

Vintage 1958 Fisher Price Cackling Chicken Model 120

Visit Dig Vintage’s Shop here:

Martex Little Blue Chicken Dish Towels

Visit Mary Beth Hale’s Shop here:

Vintage Children’s Book / 1960 The Tiny Little Rooster

Visit Pink Shirts N Car Wrecks’ Shop here:

Little Hen 1950s Super Soft Ladies Blouse

Visit The Dappy Bint’s Shop here:

Vintage 1950s Quilt Red Pinks Blue : Chickens and Nursery Rhyme Novelty Prints

Visit Vintage Object’s Shop here:

Farm Salt and Pepper Collection Vintage

Visit Unique Treasures 4 U’s Shop here:

Fantastic Forties Farmhouse – Jiffy Way Egg Scale

Visit Damn Precious’ Shop here:

Two Linen Kitchen Towels with Chickens by De Antonio

Visit Barking Sands Vintage’s Shop here:

SALE – Chicken Feeder

Visit Sparrow Station’s Shop here:

Vintage Rooster Lamp with Fiberglass Lampshade

Visit Ric’s Relics’ Shop here:

Funky Vintage Black, White, and Gold Rooster Tray

Visit The Golden Nest’s Shop here:

Crowing Rooster Teacups and Saucers – Retro 50’s set of 3

Visit Scavenger’s Vintage Shop here:

Don’t you just love them all! And how fantastic is that lamp!?! I hope you all enjoy perusing these lovely Etsy Vintage shops! They are all full of treasures!

Happy Shopping Darlings!

I Heart Etsy Fridays- PinkRain

This weeks featured artist comes to us all the way from Naples, Italy. Pinkrain is a most wonderful shop filled to the brim with illustrated ecofriendly jewelry and art. Mafa is the awesome artist behind Pinkrain. Her designs are so whimsical and cute! I love her prints, but I also absolutely adore her painted wooden jewelry and painted lockets. Here are some of my favorite items from Pinkrain’s shop:

My favorite kind of art is art that makes you smile! And everything in Pinkrains show makes me happy, it’s cute, colorful and whimsical, all my favorite things! You can check out more of Pinkrain’s lovely shop on Etsy here:  Check out Mafa’s cute blog too:

Vintage Finds of the Week- May 14th

Yesterday we had hoped to spend Mother’s Day having a picnic and walking the dogs in the park, but unfortunately the weather didn’t agree with our plans and it rained most of the day. However it got me thinking about all the amazing vintage picnic finds out there in Etsy’s wonderful vintage shops, and so I’ve been scouring etsy search and have found some amazing items! Here are a few of my favorites:

Vintage metal Picnic Basket

Visit Christy’s Cottage’s Shop here:

Vintage Gothamware Picnic Set of Colorful Plastic Melamine Plates and Cups

Visit Lemon Sun Cat Vintage’s Shop here:

Vintage Tin Litho Thermos 1950s Retro Picnic Jug Mint Green Yellow Colorful Graphics

Visit Oceanside Castle’s Shop here:

SALE ITEM Vintage Mint Condition J. L. Clark Triple Decker Food Carrier for Picnic or Party

SALE ITEM Vintage Mint Condition J. L. Clark Triple Decker Food Carrier for Picnic or Party

Visit Treasure Galaxy’s Shop here:

Vintage cups, coffee, colours, red, blue, orange, green, gingham, check, squares, picnic, summer, French vintage house accessories

Visit Ancienesthetique’s Shop here:

Vintage Handpainted Corn on the Cob Serving Set Trays with Salt Shaker, Yellow Green Summer Fun

Visit Made in the 50’s Shop here:

Vintage original 1940s 1950s tablecloth 47 X 55 inches morning glories

Vintage original 1940s 1950s tablecloth 47 X 55 inches morning glories

Visit Grannies Fancy Goods’ Shop here:

Gingham Goodness… Vintage Smocked Gingham Half Apron

Visit In With The Old’s Shop here:

vintage 1950’s dress … pretty in PINK GINGHAM ruffles crocheted trim full skirt pin-up party dress

Visit Traven 7’s Shop here:

Amy Vanderbilt Success Program How to entertain out of doors booklet Lois Dwan 1966 Edition Picnics

Visit Kooky Kitsch’s Shop here:

Don’t these all just make you wanna go have a picnic! I love them all! I’m a big fan of gingham! Hope you all enjoy all the fantastic finds in these lovely Etsy vintage shops!

Happy Shopping!

Vintage Finds of the Week- May 7th

Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, this week I’ve decided to showcase some of the best vintage finds on etsy for all those fabulous vintage lovin’ mamas out there. Check out my selection of great gift ideas:

vintage 1950s dress 50s dress silk taffeta embroidered backless white wedding

This fab dress is reserved but I just fell in love with it. There are so many amazing dresses in Nod to Mod Vintage’s shop, check them out here:

Cerise, French Vintage Cherry Red Leather Peep Toe High Heels with Polka Dot Detail, Size 37, UK 4, American 6.5

Visit Dandelion Daydreamer’s Shop here:

Vintage ACCESSOCRAFT NYC Enamel Flower Set Daisy Earrings Bracelet

Visit Live Mod Bargain’s Shop here:

mothers day heart locket / 40s antique heart locket brooch / gift ideas for mom

Visit Jojo’s Jewel Box’s Shop here:

Vintage Chic 1940s Eyelet Gloves

Visit Pip and Pepper’s Shop here:

Vintage 1950s White Woven Wicker Purse Handbag

Visit Lilies Valley Vintage’s Shop here:

Pair of Porcelain Ring-holder Hands

Visit Cashew Pickle’s Shop here:

AUTHENTIC (not repro) Vintage 10k gold camphor glass diamond ring signed House of Kraus

Visit Sunday and Sunday’s Shop here:

Flower Necklace Vintage Enamel Bakelite

Visit Forest Daydream’s Shop here:

Vintage Mother Pink Roses Hanky Scalloped Edge Handkerchief

Visit Bestow Appreciation’s Shop here:

For Mom Only

Visit Look on My Treasures Shop here:

Vintage Red Gingham Mother Motto Plate

Visit Scooter Bug Revival’s Shop here:


Vintage Tablecloth Mother’s Little Helper Daughter in the Kitchen

Visit Uncle Bunk’s Trunk’s Shop here:

Vintage 1940s Happy Mothers Day Greetings Card

Visit Posh Totty Designz Shop here:

I love them all! So, if you’re still searchin’ for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom, check out these wonderful vintage Etsy shops! Mom will be glad you did!

Happy Shopping!

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