I Heart Etsy Fridays- Silly Buddy

This week I found the most wonderful shop on Etsy for fun and whimsical doggy collars, Silly Buddy. I fell in love with their nautical anchor print blue bow tie collar and started admiring the shop and fell even more in love with their fabulous model, Buddy the dog. This wonderful shop is choked full of super cute collars and leashes in an array of fantastic prints. These are some of my favorites:

Their profile is also really fun to read! Here’s a little bit about Buddy:

A bit about all the silliness –
Buddy loves bananas, peanut butter, carrots, french fries, yogurt, homemade popsicles and apples the most.  He loves to roll around in warm, clean laundry and although he likes his own giant bed plenty – when we fall sound asleep he sneaks up to cuddle with us in our bed. He steals smelly socks and loves to sleep on them. Buddy loves to swim but he hates to take a bath.  He gets so excited and pees his pants when we play with the laser pen and loves to roll around the floor with grandma.  He loves to chase squirrels and bunnies, even when there seems to be no squirrels or bunnies around.  Buddy loves to travel, he traveled to Europe, made lots of friends and enjoyed more European food than we were able to. When its late at night Buddy is very considerate, he goes up and down the stairs very slowly and quietly. Buddy gives so many kisses and loves catching bubbles.  Buddy jumps so high you’d think he has a built in trampoline and could probably fly really high if he tried with his dumbo-like ears.  Buddy is jealous, yet so gentle and kind. Sometimes he is a lion, sometimes a bird,  at times he is a dolphin and sometimes he is a deer. A little bit of the time he is a pig.  Buddy can find his red ball no matter where we hide it. Lately he can’t seem to part with his peanut butter filled bone – When we go for a walk, Buddy brings his bone.
Buddy loves us, we love Buddy more.

And a little more from Buddies two legged family, Hande and Emre:
Some people say we are obsessed with our dog – we take that as a compliment.
About two and a half years ago we fell in love with the smallest puppy that had the biggest head, literally.  We brought that silly guy home with us and that’s how Buddy entered our lives and changed it around like we never thought possible. (He grew into his head by the way.)
We believe that all dogs deserve the best, because – aside from the occasional, you know, belly rub, treat, steak, etc. – all they really would like is to be loved with all of their silliness and they will love you forever with all yours.
Please email us  info [!at] silly-buddy.com if you have any questions or simply would like to say hello.
Check out Buddy’s interview on Pawesome; http://www.pawesome.net/2010/09/hello-my-name-is-buddy/
Thank you for stopping by! Hande, Emre & Buddy
Copyright © 2012 SillyBuddy™ All Rights Reserved.

I just love this shop, it’s brimming with character! I wish I could buy them all! But I do have to say the bow tie collars are hands down my favorite! I’d have one in every print and color if I could for my dog, Beaureguard. Don’t you think he’d look super handsome in them? I know I do. To see more of these fantastic collars and leashes, visit Silly Buddy on Etsy here: www.sillybuddy.etsy.com Even if you don’t have a dog, their pictures are still sure to put a smile on your face!
Happy Shopping!
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  1. Dear Ashlee – thank you very much for this wonderful post and your very kind words regarding our shop! Buddy sends you a big hug and wet nose kisses :) Woof!

    Silly Buddy