Happy Birthday Beau and Sadie!

Today is my dog Beaureguard(aka Toot), and his sister Sadie’s birthday. A little less than a year ago my mom, my sister, and I drove out past charlotte to look at these two little cuties, and immediately fell in love with them. I mean how could you not, right? My sister took the little girl and I took her brother, and after a few hours of going back and forth on names we settled on Beaureguard¬†for my puppy, and Sadie for hers. Beau is such a cool dog! He is laid back, but super lovey¬†dovey, and is just all around an amazing dog. The only complaint we have is that he has pretty bad gas every once in a while that could seriously clear a room, hence the nickname toot. Sadie is super spunky and a bit skittish, but completely adorable. They love to play together and they get into all kinds of mischief.

In this past year since we got the puppies, we’ve learned a lot about puppies, lost a lot of paper towels and a set of rattan chairs, and have gotten a lot of laughs and love. I am looking forward to many more dog filled years ahead!

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3 Responses

  1. Your dogs are beyond cute. Dressing up animals is always fun.