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Vintage Finds of the Week- April 30th

One day I hope to have a house out in the country with a little land so that I can have a little mini farm. We have been keeping chickens for a little while now at my mom’s, but I’d love to have a house one day that has the space for a larger garden and more chickens, a few goats, and maybe even a llama or cow. This weeks finds are themed on my love of vintage farmhouses and my love of farm life. I found some really amazing finds including some amazing linens, bottles, and ceramics. Here are my favorites:

1950s dress - vintage 1950's farm print party dress

Visit Thrush’s Shop here:

1950s Vintage Beehive Honey Cookie Jar

Visit Snowy Creek Design’s Shop here:

8 Vintage Glass Milk Bottles with Galvanized Metal Crate

Visit Reclaimed Grace’s Shop here:

Vintage Advertisement Handkerchief Hankie Borden Elsie The Cow

Visit Jewelry Pieces Shop here:

Charming Vintage Fabric Ribbon Trim

Visit Vintage Scrap Shop’s shop here:

Vintage 1940s Linen Printed Fabric Sheep Farm Scene

Visit Box 241’s Shop here:

Vintage Dutch Folk Farm Scene Tablecloth

Visit Folk Lura’s Shop here:

Vintage Red Metal Egg Farm Basket

Visit Aunt Lettuce’s Shop here:

Antique 1950's GERMAN SHEEP, Hand Painted

Visit Explore Mag’s Shop here:

Rooster Wall Decor with hook

Visit Krickey’s Shop here:

Salt and Pepper Shakers, Cow & Bull

Visit Attic Dust Antiques Shop here:

19 Old Early 1940-50's Dairy MILK BOTTLE CAPS or Tops

Visit Online Vintage’s Shop here:

Beautiful FRENCH Towel Large Flax Linen Cranberry Red

Visit The Primitive Home’s Shop herre:

Vintage Ceramic Pig

Visit Passions From The Past’s Shop here:

Down on the Farm... Three (3) Vintage Rustic Feedsack Feed Sacks Grain Sugar Salt Sacks Bags

Visit In With The Old’s Shop Here:

Vintage Glass Canning and Fruit Jars (Mason jars)

Visit Well Cooked Life’s Shop here:


Visit Double Door Antiques Shop here:

Vintage Handpainted Canister Cookie Jar

Visit Bingo Vintage Shop’s shop here:

Aren’t they all just precious?!? I think the bee hive cookie jar is going on my birthday wish list! I love them all though! Hope you all enjoy these wonderful shops as much as I have!

Happy Shopping!


I Heart Etsy Fridays- Silly Buddy

This week I found the most wonderful shop on Etsy for fun and whimsical doggy collars, Silly Buddy. I fell in love with their nautical anchor print blue bow tie collar and started admiring the shop and fell even more in love with their fabulous model, Buddy the dog. This wonderful shop is choked full of super cute collars and leashes in an array of fantastic prints. These are some of my favorites:

Their profile is also really fun to read! Here’s a little bit about Buddy:

A bit about all the silliness –
Buddy loves bananas, peanut butter, carrots, french fries, yogurt, homemade popsicles and apples the most.  He loves to roll around in warm, clean laundry and although he likes his own giant bed plenty – when we fall sound asleep he sneaks up to cuddle with us in our bed. He steals smelly socks and loves to sleep on them. Buddy loves to swim but he hates to take a bath.  He gets so excited and pees his pants when we play with the laser pen and loves to roll around the floor with grandma.  He loves to chase squirrels and bunnies, even when there seems to be no squirrels or bunnies around.  Buddy loves to travel, he traveled to Europe, made lots of friends and enjoyed more European food than we were able to. When its late at night Buddy is very considerate, he goes up and down the stairs very slowly and quietly. Buddy gives so many kisses and loves catching bubbles.  Buddy jumps so high you’d think he has a built in trampoline and could probably fly really high if he tried with his dumbo-like ears.  Buddy is jealous, yet so gentle and kind. Sometimes he is a lion, sometimes a bird,  at times he is a dolphin and sometimes he is a deer. A little bit of the time he is a pig.  Buddy can find his red ball no matter where we hide it. Lately he can’t seem to part with his peanut butter filled bone – When we go for a walk, Buddy brings his bone.
Buddy loves us, we love Buddy more.

And a little more from Buddies two legged family, Hande and Emre:
Some people say we are obsessed with our dog – we take that as a compliment.
About two and a half years ago we fell in love with the smallest puppy that had the biggest head, literally.  We brought that silly guy home with us and that’s how Buddy entered our lives and changed it around like we never thought possible. (He grew into his head by the way.)
We believe that all dogs deserve the best, because – aside from the occasional, you know, belly rub, treat, steak, etc. – all they really would like is to be loved with all of their silliness and they will love you forever with all yours.
Please email us  info [!at] if you have any questions or simply would like to say hello.
Check out Buddy’s interview on Pawesome;
Thank you for stopping by! Hande, Emre & Buddy
Copyright © 2012 SillyBuddy™ All Rights Reserved.

I just love this shop, it’s brimming with character! I wish I could buy them all! But I do have to say the bow tie collars are hands down my favorite! I’d have one in every print and color if I could for my dog, Beaureguard. Don’t you think he’d look super handsome in them? I know I do. To see more of these fantastic collars and leashes, visit Silly Buddy on Etsy here: Even if you don’t have a dog, their pictures are still sure to put a smile on your face!
Happy Shopping!

DIY Duvet Cover/ Comforter Cover From Two Flat Sheets

Today I’m going to share with you one of my favorite crafting projects, a duvet cover from flat sheets. Growing up, my family never had a lot of extra income, but thankfully we’re a crafty bunch! My mom has made several duvets from sheets over the years, as well as a few fabulous shower curtains. Not only is it a thrifty way to make a duvet, but also in my opinion, so much more fun. My duvets growing up were usually made with two different patterns so I could change-up the look just by flipping over my comforter.


The best thing about this project is that it couldn’t be simpler, super easy peasy. Essentially you just cut two sheets to measure your comforter and stitch them up leaving an opening that you can use any closure with like buttons or a zipper, or just leave it open. I made a red gingham ruffled trim to border my edges. This was a pain in the butt, but it turned out really cute, so it was worth it. To make the trim I cut 2.5″ strips of fabric, stitched them together, folded and ironed them down and then used a machine basting stitch and slowly rouched by hand, I would recommend a ruffler foot, it will save you some sanity. I have found another lovely blog on the web, Nest Decorating that has a great tutorial that is easy to follow. You can check it out here:

My duvet was made with a blue flat sheet from target I picked up for $10, and the top sheet is a vintage sheet I bought on Etsy from Midwick Hill, for $20 and I used a tiny red and white gingham scraps I had laying around, probably a bit over a half of a yard I’d guess around $3-5 worth. So, I made a lovely vintage style duvet for less than $40, pretty amazing right! I totally love it, and I hope you all are now inspired to go make your own!

Happy Crafting!

Imprimere Graphics Free Shipping Code

Stephanie from Imprimere Graphics has been oh so sweet enough to offer all of you, my lovely readers, free domestic shipping on all orders until May 7th. Visit her shop on Etsy- and use code  MYSOCALLEDCRFRSH to receive free shipping on your purchase.

Imprimere Graphics is brimming with cool art prints, cards, and vintage dictionary prints including the constellation canis major print I included in my I Heart Etsy post this past Friday. Stephanie’s shop also has a wide variety of vintage digital downloads you can use for a variety of crafting projects. The constellation art prints are my favorite! Go take a peek at her shop, there are lots of amazing items! And don’t delay, this deal is only valid for the next two weeks…

Happy Shopping!

Vintage Finds of the Week- April 23rd

This past week has been a little crazy, so I didn’t have a lot of time to shop around, but I did manage to find some amazing finds, nevertheless. Of course there is a good dose of ceramics and linens, as well as some adorable wooden candle holders and Melmac cups in my favorite aqua hue, fabulous! Take a peek:

Vintage Shafford Ceramic House Cookie Jar Pastel Happy Couple Waving

Visit Might Need That’s Shop Here:

set of vintage melamine cups and plates

Visit Found Vintage Objects’ Shop Here:

Vintage Ceramic Kawaii Cats - Collectible Japan Salt and Pepper Shakers

Visit Mod Dom’s Shop Here:

Vintage mid century glasses Frank Maietta

Visit Look Back Vintage’s Shop Here:

FREE SHIPPING Rare Signed Geo Z Lefton 284 Bluebird 1950s Child's Cup/Mug

Visit Auntie Lindas Attic’s Shop Here:

1940's Barkcloth Wood Handle Knitting Handbag Purse Tote

Visit Garb Oh Vintage’s Shop Here:

Vintage Kitchen or Hand Towels or Tea Towels

Visit Woodland Herb Garden’s Shop Here:

Vintage Candle Holders Zoo Animals

Visit Neato Keen’s Shop Here:

Poodled. Set of 8 handpainted cocktail napkins, excellent condition.

Visit Fuzz and Fu’s Shop Here:

Vintage Upcycled Barkcloth Hand Mirror

Visit Babylon Sisters’ Shop Here:

Antique Vintage Barkcloth - French Child's Barkcloth, Balloons

Visit Miscellany de Talaru’s Shop Here:

Faux ivory brooch carved deer or elk possibly Bakelite

Visit Wonderful Store’s Shop Here:

I think these are definitely some real gems here! Love them all! Hope you all enjoy perusing these lovely shops!

Happy Shopping!

I Heart Etsy Fridays- Greyhound Love!

Baby Beau

Fridays around here are one of my favorite days because I showcase a very cool Etsy shop every week. This week, however is special. In honor of my dog Beau’s(an italian greyhound) birthday I am showcasing some of my favorite greyhound art from the many wonderful artist found on Etsy. Here are some of my favorites:


See more of SUPATOON’s work Here:

Greyhound Dog Art Print

See more of Going Places 2’s work Here:

Smiley Nellie, Greyhound Pop Art Print

See more of Pop Dog Designs’ work Here:

Italian Greyhound Groom Dog Portrait Painting

See more of Miller Sye’s Work Here:

greyhound with yellow stripes image transfer art print on wood

See more of Cabin and Moss’ work Here:

Hound Bug – Italian Greyhound / Whippet

See more of Dream Dog’s work Here:

Italian Greyhound Art Print of Original Acrylic Painting

See more of Dog Art Studio’s work Here:

Treasured Moments Italian Greyhound Dog Art Note Cards By Cori Solomon

See more of Cori Solomon’s work Here:

Constellations Print Canis Major, Lepus, Noachi & Sculptoris Dog Rabbit Astronomy

See more of Imprimere Graphics  work here:

Greyhound Dog Print – 5 x 7 inch by Elle J. Wilson
The Simple Truth – Greyhound Art Dog Print

See more of Elle J. Wilson’s work Here:

Ste. Emily and Her Groupie Print

See more of Wood Wings’ work Here:

Whippet morning dog 8×10 art print

See more of Susan Alison’s work here:

I, of course, love them all! There are more than just greyhound type breeds in these wonderful shops as well, all kinds of cute dogs and other animals. Definately go check them all out!

Happy Shopping!

Happy Birthday Beau and Sadie!

Today is my dog Beaureguard(aka Toot), and his sister Sadie’s birthday. A little less than a year ago my mom, my sister, and I drove out past charlotte to look at these two little cuties, and immediately fell in love with them. I mean how could you not, right? My sister took the little girl and I took her brother, and after a few hours of going back and forth on names we settled on Beaureguard for my puppy, and Sadie for hers. Beau is such a cool dog! He is laid back, but super lovey dovey, and is just all around an amazing dog. The only complaint we have is that he has pretty bad gas every once in a while that could seriously clear a room, hence the nickname toot. Sadie is super spunky and a bit skittish, but completely adorable. They love to play together and they get into all kinds of mischief.

In this past year since we got the puppies, we’ve learned a lot about puppies, lost a lot of paper towels and a set of rattan chairs, and have gotten a lot of laughs and love. I am looking forward to many more dog filled years ahead!

Hannah’s Jr. Prom

This past weekend my baby sister Hannah, 13 years my junior, had her first prom. She had been looking forward to her first prom since she was little, so it was a big deal around here over the past few weeks getting everything ready. I really wanted her to have a unique and beautiful dress, and we found a perfect vintage look with a wedding dress from David’s Bridal that was on sale. I removed the front embroidered embellishment, and added some aqua tulle and she picked out a coral pink flower we made into a pin for the bustline. It turned out to be understated but so pretty.

I made her a necklace to match her love of vintage, steampunk, and quirkiness, and a headband from a vintage brooch and chiffon flowers.

Hannah is usually falls torwards a jeans and graphic tees kinda wardrobe, so it’s always so spectacular to see her in a really beautiful dress. She looked simply stunning and oh so beautiful. My little gal is so grown up. Isn’t she lovely!

Vintage Zenith Record Player and Record Bowl DIY

This past weekend I found this awesome record media console on craigslist. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it for the living room. I have a small collection of records and have been looking here and there for a vintage player since the one my parents had died on us. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this beauty in the antique listings.

It is a Zenith model x940. From what i’ve been able to find about this model, I know it was manufactured in the 1960’s. It has a radio on one side that still works great, and the other side is a record player that plays all sizes from 78’s to 45’s. The record player needs a needle, but other than that it seems to be in great working order.

My record collection is really special to me. I have all of my moms old Beatles albums, as well as her Monkees and Herman’s Hermits, and the rest of my collection I had collected with my grandfather on our many hunts to Goodwill. I cannot wait to get this working again so I can play these records.

And for those of you who love to craft, here’s a great project for you, how to make a record bowl. Check out this link for the tutorial,  They are easy to do and make great catch-alls. Goodwill is a great place to find old records. I think last time I bought one there it was around $2.

Happy crafting!


Vintage Finds of the Week- April 16th

I have always had a thing for old Hollywood musicals. From the time I was little I loved musicals, the first one I ever saw was Big River when I was about seven in Memphis. I was introduced to vintage movie musicals when I was ten. My mom rented Top Hat, with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and from that point on I was hooked. This week I watched Bye Bye Birdie, I haven’t seen it in so long, I forgot how fabulous it is! So this weeks finds are all inspred by the play, and of course the film made iconic by Ann Margret and Dick Van Dyke. Check out some of the great finds I’ve got this week:

Vintage Record Bye Bye Birdie Soundtrack

Visit Just Records and Things Shop Here:

Vintage 60s Cotton Day Dress

Visit Circa Vintage Shop’s Shop Here:

VINTAGE Salvadore Ferragamo Ballet Flats

Visit Maxine of Beverly Hills Shop Here:

Vintage Telephone Aqua Turquoise Trimline Retro

Visit Bee Haven Home’s Shop Here:

2 Wilton figurines, vintage figurines, Fifties teenagers on phone, girls on phone

Visit Vivarte’s Shop Here:

Art Deco Bakelite & Lucite Jelly Belly Mandolin Brooch

Visit Mercy Madge’s Shop Here:

Vintage 1950s Three Inch FAMOUS MOTORCYCLE action toy WOW

Visit Therp Sajik’s Shop Here:

Vintage Chemistry Test Tubes And Test Tube Holder / Stand

Visit Aloof Newf Whimsy’s Shop Here:

Vintage Turtle Piggy Bank

Visit Hoss And Goose’s Shop Here:

1950s dress / vintage 50s red velveteen dress

Visit Coral Root’s Shop Here:

Vintage Shriners Fez hat

Visit Gin and Tonic Shop’s Shop Here:

Aren’t they all just lovely! If you haven’t seen Bye Bye Birdie, go out and rent it now, you won’t regret it, it’s awesome! Hope you all enjoy browsing these fantastic shops!

Happy Shopping!

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