14 Days of Love- Glitter Branches/ Lovebird Tree

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*Assorted branches from your yard

*Watered down craft glue or modge podge

*Very fine glitter


How to:

Water down your glue to where it is a good loose consistancy, but not too runny. Paint glue on tree branch a little bit at a time and sprinkle glitter on glue tapping to remove excess. I put newspaper down on my table and poured a nice sized pile of glitter on the newspaper. I think it is easier to pinch the glitter in my fingers and sprinkle on the branch instead of shaking the glitter bottle over the branch. This is such a simple craft, but it is really messy. I’m still finding glitter on my skin. But, these branches make such cute decorations, they’re worth being a little parkly for a day or two. I was originally planning on cutting a piece of wood for a base to make a “tree”, but I ended up putting two branches in one of my favorite vases and I glued my “Love Birds” from yesterdays post to the branches for an extra cute centerpiece. Oh the wonderful things you can do with glitter!



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7 Responses

  1. How sweet! I love the little kissing birds. Very creative.

  2. How sweet! I love the little kissing birds. Very creative.

  3. Your tree so cute! That little dog laying there is precious.