14 Days of Love- Love Birds

14 Days of Love- Love Birds


*Wood Beads

*Pipe Cleaners (regular and extra fuzzy)

*Acrylic paint to match the color of the birds body

*Fine tip sharpie or other fine tip pen

*Colored jewelry wire

*Thin ribbon or string

*Hot glue gun and hot glue

*Wire snips

Step 1: Paint the wooden bead to match the color of the pipe cleaner you are using for the bird’s body. I found it helpful to string the beads through a pipe cleaner to paint.

Step 2: Place pipe cleaner with painted beads on it on top of two tin cans to dry

Step 3: Shape the pipe cleaner for the body of the bird. Start with a little straight bit to use for gluing the head on later, then shape into a kinda crecent shape, and wrap end around the neck.

Step 4: Start to wrap pipe cleaner around the form of the body starting at the neck and continue down to the end leaving a tiny end up to wrap the tail around.


Step 5: Make the tail, twist the fuzzy pipe cleaner for the tail around the but end. Make a small loop for the top, wrap around, then make a larger loop for the bottom, and finish by wrapping around the base one or two times and then snip off excess with wire cutters.

Step 6: Make legs. Snip off a long bit of wire. Make two loop bends for the feet. Push other end of the wire through the body and bend wire to make other foot. Snip off excess.

Step 7: Draw the eyes on the bird’s head with an extra fine tip sharpie.

Step 8: Cut a small piece of wire for the beak. Bend wire in half and insert into the hole on the beak end of the wooden bead.

Step 9: Glue all the pieces together with hot glue. Put glue down into hole in bead and insert head to body and beak to head. Pull up on legs and put some glue at top and squish legs into place. Now, tie bow on boy’s neck and make a bow and glue on girl’s head. And Voila! You are fini!

These birds make a sweet valentines decoration. You could display them on a shelf or they would be really cute to top your valentine’s cake. Enjoy!


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2 Responses

  1. My little one would love to have these little guys in our house for Valentines day.

  2. My little one would love to have these little guys in our house for Valentines day.