14 Days of Love- Valentine’s Wreath

14 Days of Love- Valentine’s Wreath

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Supplies Needed:

*Grapevine wreath

*Spray paint

*Felt Flowers from previous tutorial

*Mini bunting from previous tutorial

*Any added decoration you wish(I used a vintage flocked deer)


*Hot Glue

Step 1: Spray paint grapevine wreath in desired color. I started out with pink, and ended up going with white because I didn’t like how the pink turned out. Let dry for at least a day until you start gluing anything to it.

Step 2: Lay out bunting where you want it and then use a few drops of hot glue to secure. I used a couple small felt roses to hide the string where I wasn’t going to have patches of flowers.

Step 3: Glue flowers to wreath. Put a generous amount of hot glue on the beck side of the rose. You can lay out flowers on the wreath before you glue or you can glue and lay out one by one. Continue gluing flowers down until you are satified with the design.

 Step 4: String ribbon around wreath and either tie in a bow, or knot and wrap and tie another bow around the top. I added a different ribbon to the top of mine.

Step 5: Hang wreath and enjoy!


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6 Responses

  1. Such a cute project! Definitely going to make this weekend!

  2. Very sweet wreath… I love the colors!


  3. Thanks for sharing! I love this wreath so much I made my own version – just posted it on my blog, http://greasegirlgetscrafty.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/valentines-day-wreath/.

  4. […] another great crafty blog, My So Called Crafty Life. I absolutely fell in love with Ashlee’s turquoise and deer-bedecked wreath and ended up basing mine off of it. What I already had in my house and the neat gems I found at the […]