14 Days of Love- Scrap Fabric Mini Bunting Tutorial

14 Days of Love- Scrap Fabric Mini Bunting Tutorial

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*Fabric scraps

*Embroidery floss or string

*Chipboard(cereal box)



*Pencil or marking pen

Step 1: Cut a small triangle out of a chipboard box

Step 2: Mark bunting flags on fabric. Depending on the size of your triangle, you only need a little bit of fabric.

Step 3: Cut out flags for bunting and thread needle. You may choose to knot the end of your thread or not. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t, it depends on what i’m making

Step 4: Use a running stitch to sew flags

Step 5: Pull flags down the length of thread as you stich them lining them up next to each other. Continue stitching flags until you have a mini bunting the length you want. And that’s it, easy peasy!

These mini buntings are a great way to use up scraps! I used a aqua gingham with Tanya Whelans Delilah fabric that I had in my scrap box. I like to use them for decoration. They add a sweet touch to all kinds of projects and spaces.

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