14 Days of Love- Valentine’s “love” Canvas

14 Days of Love- Valentine’s “love” Canvas

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*Various sizes of canvas (whatever you like best)

*Thick stickers, I like chipboard stickers

*Spray Paint (Krylon & Rustoleom are the best)

 Step 1- Measure and mark where you want stickers on each side of the canvas.

Step 2- Line up ruler to marks made on canvas. Use this line to lay down letters so they turn out straight, and space evenly. Once the letters are where you want them, press down firmly so they are snug to the canvas.

Step 3- Lay canvas’ on cardboard or a dropcloth

Step 4- Spray canvas with spray paint. Be careful not to oversaturate areas. You can do multiple coats if needed. I used only one coat with my red rustoleom paint and two with my pink krylon.

Step 5- Carefully remove stickers. And you’re finished.








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