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14 Days of Love- Freebie “Kitty Love” Embroidery Pattern


Whether you are a fan of embroidery, or you just love kitties, this is a fun pattern for a Valentine’s day gift. I used it to make a zippered pouch with linen as the main fabric and a black and white flocked swiss dot for the lining, although I could kick myself for forgetting to top stitch my zipper, definately a necessity! No more sewing first thing in the morning for me, i’m not quite human until after 10ish. You could use this funny little pattern to adorn tea towels, a tote bag, a sweet baby blanket, all kinds of things. I personally think it would be super cute on a pillow. So here you go, you can click on the pic to open and then “save as”. I’ve heard if you have a lazer printer you can actually iron the print on from the paper. I’ve never tried this. I either use a lightbox or hold it up to a window and trace the pattern with a good marking pen. Enjoy! And I’d love to see pics of what you all do with it. Happy crafting!

Click image to open then right click on pic and “save as”


14 Days of Love- Valentine’s Wreath

Supplies Needed:

*Grapevine wreath

*Spray paint

*Felt Flowers from previous tutorial

*Mini bunting from previous tutorial

*Any added decoration you wish(I used a vintage flocked deer)


*Hot Glue

Step 1: Spray paint grapevine wreath in desired color. I started out with pink, and ended up going with white because I didn’t like how the pink turned out. Let dry for at least a day until you start gluing anything to it.

Step 2: Lay out bunting where you want it and then use a few drops of hot glue to secure. I used a couple small felt roses to hide the string where I wasn’t going to have patches of flowers.

Step 3: Glue flowers to wreath. Put a generous amount of hot glue on the beck side of the rose. You can lay out flowers on the wreath before you glue or you can glue and lay out one by one. Continue gluing flowers down until you are satified with the design.

 Step 4: String ribbon around wreath and either tie in a bow, or knot and wrap and tie another bow around the top. I added a different ribbon to the top of mine.

Step 5: Hang wreath and enjoy!


Flea Market Finds- Jan. 28th


One of my absolute favorite things to do on the weekend is to go to the flea market in Raleigh. I love love love when I can score cute vintage finds, and today i’d say I did pretty well. I got all of these lovelies for less than $30(book-$7, hankies and bunny creamer-$15, deer, kitty, cat purfume bottle, and dog-$2.50.)  My Mama Wanda would be proud!


14 Days of Love- Scrap Fabric Mini Bunting Tutorial


*Fabric scraps

*Embroidery floss or string

*Chipboard(cereal box)



*Pencil or marking pen

Step 1: Cut a small triangle out of a chipboard box

Step 2: Mark bunting flags on fabric. Depending on the size of your triangle, you only need a little bit of fabric.

Step 3: Cut out flags for bunting and thread needle. You may choose to knot the end of your thread or not. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t, it depends on what i’m making

Step 4: Use a running stitch to sew flags

Step 5: Pull flags down the length of thread as you stich them lining them up next to each other. Continue stitching flags until you have a mini bunting the length you want. And that’s it, easy peasy!

These mini buntings are a great way to use up scraps! I used a aqua gingham with Tanya Whelans Delilah fabric that I had in my scrap box. I like to use them for decoration. They add a sweet touch to all kinds of projects and spaces.

14 Days of Love- Felt Flower Tutorial




*Pencil or marking pen



*Various round objects for tracing circles

Step 1: Take your round objects and trace onto felt. I like the size flowers that a mason jar and a cereal bowl make

Step 2: Cut out circles and cut strips for loopy flower( a 3″ strip makes a large loopy or spikey flower)

Step 3: Cut the circles into spirals for rolled roses. Cut circles into spirals and then scallop cut the edges for more of a pretty petal rose. For Loopy flowers fold strip in half lengthwise and then cut small slits on folded edge. For a spikey flower, do the same as you would for a loopy flower but cut the loops in half at the top so you have two strips.


Step 4a: For loopy and spikey flowers start at one end and start rolling up tightly, continue rolling until you get to the end and you have it tightly wound on the bottom and a big pouf of loops or strips on the top. Secure with choice of glue.

Step 4b: For spiral and scalloped spiral start rolling up roses starting at the skinny point of the spiral where it starts. Roll tightly all the way keeping the bottom of the rose flat. Secure with your choice of glue.

And there you have it. These are really so easy and quick to make. You can do all kinds of things with them. Use them as decoration, put them on a wreath, attach to wire to make a fake bouquet, pin them on tees, put them on hair accessories, the possibilities are endless. These are just a few i’ve learned to make. You can find all kinds of felt flower ideas and tutorials on pinterest. These particular flowers are going to be used in another valentine’s treat for you, so be sure to stay tuned.



















Vintage China Jewelry Holder

I have been making jewelry holders out of old plates for a while now to display my jewelry at craft shows, but I finally decided to make one for my personal jewelry I keep on my vanity bookcase. The design is really simple, the bottom is a diner plate, the middle is a cereal bowl, and the top is a condiment dish, all separated with glass candlestick holders and glued in place. I added my favorite tea cup to the top to hold my earrings. Teacups are great for earring storage! It’s probably not the most organized of jewelry organizers, but I love it, and it works for me. It’s such a versatile design. You could use them for tea service, craft organization, or just as a general catchall. I love to repurpose, especially when it’s cute and vintage!

14 Days of Love- Valentine’s “love” Canvas


*Various sizes of canvas (whatever you like best)

*Thick stickers, I like chipboard stickers

*Spray Paint (Krylon & Rustoleom are the best)

 Step 1- Measure and mark where you want stickers on each side of the canvas.

Step 2- Line up ruler to marks made on canvas. Use this line to lay down letters so they turn out straight, and space evenly. Once the letters are where you want them, press down firmly so they are snug to the canvas.

Step 3- Lay canvas’ on cardboard or a dropcloth

Step 4- Spray canvas with spray paint. Be careful not to oversaturate areas. You can do multiple coats if needed. I used only one coat with my red rustoleom paint and two with my pink krylon.

Step 5- Carefully remove stickers. And you’re finished.








14 Days of Love- Valentine Garland Freebie

Supplies Needed:

*Free Printable Circles (see below)

*Scrapbook Paper of your choice

* 1.5″ and 5/8″ circle paper punches

* Yarn, string, or twine

* Double stick tape

Step 1:

Punch out and group circles to your liking. I used two printed sheets of the valentine circles, and one 6×6 piece of scrapbook paper from AC Moore for the small circles

Step 2:

place a small piece of tape down the middle lengthwise on your back circle, then place yarn on top of tape

Step 3:

Place top circle on top of bottom circle sandwiching the twine or yarn inbetween.

Step 4:

Squish bottom and top together so everything is snug and even

Step 5:

Repeat steps 2-4, alternating small and large circles and leaving even space between. Continue until you have a garland that is the desired length for where you will display.

And that’s it, simple huh?

Click on picture to open then right click and "save as"


This garland could be used to decorate small or large spaces. I have put mine between windows in my mom’s sunroom, but I may end up putting it on my antique vanity in my bedroom.

Enjoy and share the “love”!


Gifts for Mom

I’ve been meaning to post these for weeks now. Ever since I can remember my mom and I have always had creative projects we work on together. She is my partner in crafty crime, and probably the only other person in the family who enjoys handmade gifts as much as I do. So, when gifting holidays come around, she knows she can always expect something handmade from me. This year I made her a plushie bear named Matilda among a few other things, and for her birthday that she just had last week, I made her a tote and a hand embroidered encouraging quote on vintage fabric.

Crochet Doily Bunting Tutorial- Valentine Special Day 1

Today is the first day of my “14 Days of Love” Valentine’s special. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting tutorials, freebies, and just plain cute lovelies, and I will end the special with a giveaway from my etsy shop, Sweet Sophie Blue. Yay!

To kick off this love filled week is my chrochet doily bunting. This super cute bunting is both really festive and really simple to make. Mine is made from ready made doilies I bought at Michaels, but you could make your own, or even better, score some vintage doilies.

Supplies Needed:

*Crochet Doilies (I used 2)

*Double Fold Bias Tape


*Sewing machine

Step 1:

Cut doilies in half and iron any wrinkles. Also I find that ironing the bias tape helps as well.

Step 2:

Leaving space for a tail at the front carefully insert your first doily inbetween the layers of your bias tape and start stitching down the edge of the bias tape so the doily becomes sandwiched and snugly stitched down inside the tape.

Once you get an inch or so from the end of the first doily, start to load in the second doily so it meets with the fist one. I get about an inch away, make sure my needle is down and then lift up my presser foot to make sure everything is going to match up. Stitch the second doily and repeat with remaining doilies until you have a nice bunting the length that you want.

Step 3:

I added ricrac to mine for a little extra cuteness. Start at the first doily, turn the end of your ricrac under and carefully lay on top of bias tape. Stitch down ricrac down the length of the doily bunting making sure to turn under end of ricrac when you reach the end of the last doily.

And there you have it. Easy right!?!


Stay tuned tomorrow for a free printable!

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